2015 FVMBA Trailblazer Series Registration Open

2015 FVMBA Trailblazer Registration

Registration is now open for the 2015 “Trailblazer Series” in the Fraser Valley. This is your chance to experience some of the Valley’s premier trails, follow us online to gain inside information regarding the race series. 


Online registration is $30 per race. A $5 deposit on the race plate which can be used at all races.
Onsite race registration is available if there is space at each event for $45.

Click Here to Register Now!


You must have an active FVMBA Membership to Race. ($20) No racing license is required.   Sign up Here to Purchase your FVMBA Membership

The FVMBA Trailblazer Race Series is brought to you by the FVMBA, with the help of generous sponsors: Pinkbike, Nobl Wheels, Kintec, Raceface, Orange Sport, Ryders Eyewear, Spruce Timing, Mudbunnies, The Bike Room, FatBurger (Mission)Clearbrook Coffee, Avenue Auto Body, Trail Dynamics, Muscle Milk, Dissident, and Lifecycles Bike Shop.


Bike Fest Mission begins on May 16th, with the “Grand Opening” of the newly renovated Bear DH course aka “Super B-Air”. All we are going to say is that those that love trails like Dirt Merchant, A-line of Freight Train are going to be extremely stoked on this trail. Big thanks to Pinkbike, Raceface, Easton, Mission Springs, The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour and the District of Mission for making this project possible. This trail will put Mission on the map.

Following the ride we are going to be showing some Classic Mountain Bike Films as well as a Beer Garden, so bring some cash. If the weather is undesirable we are going to look at potentially relocating the party. We have also managed to secure camping so make sure your contact us here at race@fvmba.com if you are looking to camp as space is limited.


The first race will take place on May 17th on Red Mountain in Mission BC, this often overlooked riding area was once home to one of the most technically challenging XC races in BC. It also played host to one of the most challenging DH courses on the BC Cup. There certainly are some gems hidden in the backwoods of Mission and this is your chance to come experience some of these old school technical trails for yourself.


The race is being referred to as a “Tech C” race and not an XC race, and talented racers will understand that the Competitive Loop is one that will certainly challenge them (bring a dam dropper or your will regret it). We hear a lot of bitching about “dumbed down trails”, if you’re one of these riders we dare you to sign up for the 20 km Competitive Category, there is nothing “dumb”  about these trails in fact they might just make you look like the “dumb” one. If you’re able to clean this loop you will have earned yourself some serious bragging points, but most importantly that ice cold brew waiting at the bottom.


Now don’t let the “Competitive Category” scare you off, we are also looking to set up a more friendly 10 km loop for the “Open Category”. This race is still going to challenge the average rider; however you won’t have any trouble completing it.


Next Bike Fest weekend touches down in Chilliwack on the slopes of Vedder Mountain. On June 13th, 2015 there will be the announcement of the winner of the “Name the Trail Contest”, the Grand Opening of the “New Beginner Trail”, a BBQ, followed by an evening of “Old School Klunking”. Grab that old 90’s proflex and book a spot at Cultus Lake for the weekend.


The Vedder Race will take place on June 14th, 2015. It will be a big day on some of the fastest, flowy and loamy trails the Valley network has to offer.


The final stop will take place on July 5th on Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford BC. Get ready for another big day of multiple stages on some of the most popular trails in the Fraser Valley.


If you’re as stoked on the race series as us, check the link out here to Register.

Click Here to Register Now!

You must have an active FVMBA Membership to Race. ($20) No racing license is required.  

Sign up Here to Purchase your FVMBA Membership

For more information check out the Trailblazer Race Series Facebook page, FVMBA website, or the FVMBA Facebook Page

The FVMBA Trailblazer Race Series is brought to you by the FVMBA, with the help of generous sponsors: Pinkbike, Nobl Wheels, Kintec, Raceface, Orange Sport, Ryders Eyewear, Spruce Timing, Mudbunnies, The Bike Room, FatBurger (Mission), Clearbrook Coffee, Avenue Auto Body, Trail Dynamics, Muscle Milk, Dissident, and Lifecycles Bike Shop.

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Name the Trail Contest


 Name the Trail Contest

name the trail


The FVMBA is pleased to announce the “Name the Trail” Contest for the new beginner trail on Vedder Mountain. This trail features upwards of 13 hand built bridges and meanders for 2 km of beautiful west coast forest from mountain bike parking lot to the entrance of Dilemma. Over 3500 man hours were put into this trail by volunteers to complete this project over the last few years. Volunteer time has been valued at $20 per hour, if you have helped build this trail give yourself a pat on the back as you helped to provide the local community with over $70,000 in volunteer labor.

IMG_1438 IMG_1440

We are finally finished and we are very excited to be unveiling this trail officially to the community on June 13, 2015. This non-motorized trail is open to multiple users and can ridden up and down. It provides a great alternative to the Forest Service Road for cyclists to access the mountain bike trail network on Vedder Mountain. The FVMBA hopes that this trail will provide an excellent opportunity for new riders to learn the sport on a safe, low consequence trail.

FullSizeRender (17)IMG_1474


To celebrate the opening of this trail Jack’s Cycle wants to get someone stoked on mountain biking so they have graciously offered a $1000 shopping spree to the person who provides the best name for the trail, hence the “Name the Trail Contest”. All you have to do is submit your suggestion to Jack’s Cycle using the link below, the boys at Jack’s are going to review the suggestions and vote on their favorite name. The winner will get to name the trail and will also receive the grand prize of a $1000 shopping spree to Jack’s Cycle. The contest will run from now until May 16, 2015. The winner will be announced at the “Grand Opening Event” on June 13, 2015.

Head to http://jackscycle.ca/contact to submit your suggestion, please include your name and phone number.

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Trailblazer Race Series 2015

Trailblazer Race Series 2015

Saddle up riders! This year the “FVMBA Trailblazer Race Series” is going to chew you up, beat you down, push your limits and is guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face. Come out and experience and race the flowy and loamy Valley trails that have become known as a “must ride” destination.This year the race series will feature rowdy enduro courses with multiple stages, “Tech” XC (bring a dropper post with that lycra), “Grand Openings” of some new trails, beer gardens, movie nights, cash prizes for “Best Crash”, rumored camping, and a “Competitive Klunker Ride”.Mark these dates down on your calendar. Registration opens on March 17, 2015. Limited space available.

May 16th and 17th

Mark the weekend of May 16th and 17th down on your calendar. We are kicking the party off right with a huge trail opening, outdoor mountain bike movies, and a grueler of an XC/ Enduro race.
Mark the weekend of May 16th and 17th down on your calendar. We are kicking the party off right with a huge trail opening, outdoor mountain bike movies, and a grueler of an XC/ Enduro race.
Bear Mtn. DH Feb. 19, 2011

Super Bear Grand Opening May 16th

That’s to the generosity of some key sponsors (RaceFace, Easton, Pinkbike, District of Mission, Mission Springs, and the Banff Film Festival) something super happened in the woods on Bear Mountain.

The FVMBA was able to hire a contractor to get “creative” on the Bear Mountain and you won’t be disappointed. With over 30 flow jumps, and close to 40 berms this trail is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Cinema festival stamp

Outdoor Film Festival

May 16th

The FVMBA is hosting an outdoor film night at Mill Pond, equiped with a Beer Garden. This is a great opportunity to relax, get stoked on some biking films, and hang out before the Sufferfest you are about endure on the next day.

Red Mountain “Tech” C Sufferfest
May 17th

Get ready to charge on some of the most challenging XC/ all mountain trails the Valley has to offer. These beautiful trails feature rocks, roots and some steeps.The competitive category will feature a 20 km loop with 2 timed descents for the Enduro crowd. There will be an Open category with a 10 km loop. You can choose to crush the whole race in the XC category, or take a more leisurely pace and save your juice for the timed descents for the enduro side of things.This is a true mountain bike race, it will challenge you to be a better rider, it won’t be easy but it’s one that will bring you smiles. Completing this one should earn you some bragging points with your riding buddies. A dropper post is recommended. Don’t let the difficulty of this race discourage you, it’s going to be one not to be missed.


We are working on getting some camping set up near Bear Mountain. Stay tuned to our FaceBook page for updates.

If camping isn’t your thing there are also some great places to stay in Mission. Check out the link below.

Mission Tourism

June 13th and 14th

The good times keep rolling with the next stop of the “FVMBA Trailblazer Series as we jet across the Valley to endless flow that is Vedder Mountain. Racers will be treated to some premiere single track among several fun events. Mark this one down it is going to be one fun filled rowdy week out in the ‘Wack.

Vedder Beginner Trail
Grand Opening June 13th

On June 13th we open the trail. The FVMBA has been working tirelessly over the last few years to bring you a hand built 2 km trail connecting the mountain bike parking lot to the top of Dilemma. We want to celebrate its completion so we are going to give out some swag, BBQ some eats and ride our bikes. We will also be announcing the winner of the “Name the Trail Contest” though Jack’s Cycle, the winner will receive a $1000 credit at Jack’s Cycle in Chilliwack.


Afternoon Competitive “Klunker” Ride
June 13th

We will be hosting a wicked klunker group ride on Vedder Mountain in the afternoon. Your steed should be preferably pre 2000’s with minimal travel. Dig out that old Proflex and come out for this fun event. High fives and good times encouraged.

GoPro recap of a klunker ride up Vedder More Klunker Madness, there are some rad crashes in this one

Vedder Quadcrusher
June 14th

Bam! It’s on like Donkey Kong! The Vedder Enduro will feature multiple stages of sweet flowy single track. Get your tires dirty with infamous Valley loam! This race has been a favorite over the years. This year we aim to amp it up even more! Come ready for a big day of awesome trails.


At the base of Vedder Mountain sits the beautiful shores of Cultus Lake. There are plenty of places to camp at Cultus Lake and the prices are reasonable. It’s a short and scenic ride over to the Vedder Mountain trail network.

tb2015_veddercamp2 The camping there is very popular and fills up on the weekends very quickly, we’d suggest that you book ASAP to secure your spot. Here are the links to Cultus Lake.
Sunnyside Campground Cultus Lake
Cultus Lake Provincial Park Camping
If camping isn’t your thing, we also have some links to hotels, cabins and B&B’s.
Cabin Rentals

Sumas Series Finale
July 5th

Let’s wrap it up wrap folks! The final event will have you taking on Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford. Another big day to taste sweet, flowing, loamy single track that is guaranteed to get the stoke factor up. This multistage race will not disappoint. There will be a final wrap-up of the series and the King’s and Queen’s of the “Trailblazer Series” will be announced.
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Help Kevin Koopmans, our past FVMBA President, get into BC Bike Race!


Kazlaw Mtn Biking Award

Kevin Koopmans has been chosen as one of the finalists for the 2015 Kazlaw Mtn Biking Community Award!

The Kazlaw Award is funded by the Kazlaw Injury Lawyers,  to those who make mountain biking happen in their community. It awards free entry into the BC Bike Race, a week-long race held every year on BC’s west coast in early July.

There is one spot open for this award in 2015, and Kevin needs your help, so vote now! Kevin has been giving to the mountain biking community for many years. We thank you Kevin, and it is time we give back to you!

Vote for Kevin today!

Voting starts Feb 20th, 2015 and will run until March 13th, so rally up troops, friends, community & help Kevin win the free entry to BCBR 2015! You each get one vote, so let’s make it happen for Kevin!


Following is Kevin’s nomination letter  ….


Kevin Koopmans

Kevin is actively involved in giving back to the mountain biking community. Kevin ‘s vision was to help create sustainable trail networks, and by working with land managers and volunteers, he has help create, maintain, and promote some of the most enjoyable trails around.

As FVMBA president for the last 3 years, Kevin helped forge a key relationships with Trails and Recreation Sites BC to legitimize trails in the Fraser Valley. He advocates mountain biking with local governments, regional districts, and ministry staff, helping grow public relationships to gain support for the development and promotion of local trails.
Fraser Valley is becoming a much talked about destination for mountain biking, and growing as new trails develop. His focus to include women and children in the sport is reflective of the newer beginner level trails and events being developed in the Fraser Valley.

Kevin spearheaded the Squidline trail on Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford, BC. He established a partnership with Trails BC and the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations to develop a first-rate mountain biking destination on Sumas Mountain. He scouted the new line, and wrote proposals for funding to construct the trail as a flagship trail for the trail network. With funding secured, the trail was built to please novice riders, yet give a challenge and thrill to advanced riders. Upon completion, the promise of a sweet singletrack was delivered. Sumas Mountain Bike Recreation Site and has seen enormous progress, including new trail signage, parking, washroom facilities, and kiosk with maps. Squidline has become a must ride destination for mountain bikers visiting the Lower Mainland, a trail Kevin still helps to maintain.

Kevin dedication helps organize clubs events such as Bike Film Fests, trail building days, and race events. He participates in regional interdisciplinary group (Chilliwack Forest District Outdoor Recreation Advisory Group), and partnerships with Hope Mountain Centre as a mountain biking representative.

Late 2014, Kevin secured funding to renovate the old Bear Mountain Downhill course in Mission, BC into a flagship flow trail, the likes of Half Nelson in Squamish.

Currently he is campaigning to build an amazing backcountry epic ride in the Chilliwack Valley, and working with City of Abbotsford to protect mountain biking on Legeview / Mckee peak. He continues to promote and lobby businesses to invest and support local trails and new trail development.

Kevin’s leadership has grown the club, mountain biking, and the reputation of the FVMBA to new heights with the community and municipalities. Surrounding clubs are taking notice and discovering the riding opportunities in the Fraser Valley.

There is no hesitation in recommending Kevin Koopmans be given a chance to represent the “someone who makes mountain biking happen” with a Kazlaw Mountain Biking Community Award.

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Adult BMX Camps

From our friends at Abbotsford BMX:

BMX Adult Camps and Social at Abbotsford Indoor BMX

Would you like to improve your bike skills? If so, come out to one of the adult camps at the Abbotsford BMX indoor track.

At the camps the coaches work with the riders to learn and improve of cycling skills, including pumping, jumping and manualing. All these skills can be learned on the BMX track and then used on mountain bike trails.

Ride, Dream and Learn…then just Chill out with the crew.

The camps will be lead be Provincial BMX Coach Adam Muys. We like to have a fun atmosphere for Adult riders of any ability to learn and improve bike skills. After, when your tired from riding and your face hurts from smiling and laughing. Stay for the social time afterward!

Coming selected Friday Nights in February 7 – 9:30 pm

Male only February 6th
Female only February 20th
Mixed February 27th
Cost is $25 each, but if you bring a friend you both pay just $20.

Need more details? Email: adam.muys@gmail.com
Prepayments taken on-site

Abbotsford Indoor BMX
32470 Haida Drive, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4Z3

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Bear DH Closed till Spring

The Bear DH in Bear Mt is officially closed until the rebuild is complete and the ground hardened up. Obstacles have been scattered across the trail to discourage riding.

PLEASE respect the closure.



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AGM Party – November 23, 2014!

straitonhallCome join the Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers association at the Straiton Hall for our annual AGM party!

We want to celebrate another successful year of mountain biking in the Fraser Valley. We couldn’t have accomplished as much as we have without you, our members, and our amazingly generous sponsors! And so, to thank you, we are holding a party, including clown bike races, snacks, beer and pulled pork sandwiches!

Join the group ride on Sumas Mountain first at 10am, then head down to the hall.

We will also be holding a short AGM with election of officers. Want to get involved, this is your chance! Not a member? No problem, sign up at the door. Bring your friends, your neighbours, anybody who likes mountain bikes!

2pm – 5pm

Straiton Hall
4698 Upper Sumas Mountain Road
Abbotsford, BC  google map

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Rogue Trail Work Gets Recycled

It was mentioned last week, and now another incident of some rogue trail work, this time on Bear Mountain. On Lorax, someone has put in a bypass route around the rock in the clearcut. We understand some do not like the rock, and look forward to a bypass. However the rogue bypass is unsustainable (a straight chute down which will funnel water and erode the trail). The trail builder does have plans to put in proper bypass this season, and the rouge bypass has been decommissioned.

FVMBA would like to mention, once again, that any needed trail work be brought to our attention, and we will put you in contact with the respective builder/maintainer of that trail to discuss your plans. Dismissing this protocol may result in your hard work being recycled back to nature.

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Bear DH is Getting a Facelift!

Bear Mountain is an amazing place to ride, and it is only getting better.

In recent years the Bear Mountain DH Course has taken a beating. The course is tired and each winter rain erodes the trail further creating an unsustainable route. We would like to say a sincere thank you to all who have helped work on this trail in the past. So many people and so many hours have helped keep this trail running.

Starting next week, this trail is getting a machine built rejuvenation. Ewan Fafard, acclaimed builder of Lorax and Squid Line, will be working his magic and crafting the Bear DH trail into another flagship trail on Bear Mountain.

This will result in a temporary trail closure beginning next Monday, October 20. This weekend will be the last chance to ride the trail prior to the temporary closure. Just one more reason to get out and ride your bike this weekend!

Thanks to a donation of the machine by the Crondahl family, and a monetary donation from Mission Springs Brewery & Pub, we currently we have enough funding to complete approximately half of this project.

We are seeking sponsorship for the remainder. If you can help, please contact Kevin Koopmans at: president@fvmba.com


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Trail Maintenance

Someone has been cutting out trail features (technical logovers) on Momentum (Red Mountain) which have been built as part of the trail. Momentum is considered a technical trail, and these features are part of what make it a challenging trail. Please, please, please do not do “trail maintenance” without first contacting a regional representative of the FVMBA or posting your thoughts with us here. “Dumbing down” a technical trail does NOT provide more enjoyment for mountain bikers.

Please share this post, and get the word out to your fellow riders that while we do appreciate help on the trails, helpers should first contact FVMBA to see where and what type of help is required.

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