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Logging commences on Sumas Mountain on Aug.26th, 2014.

None of the trails will be affected, however there will be logging traffic on the road at the exit of  World Cup and Timer Killer. For safety reasons those trails should be avoided until further notice.

Sumas is a recognized recreation area, and trails have been sanctioned. Gate is open during the day, but locked at dusk, so please take note of the hours posted at the gate. Trails are plentiful, and home to many levels of trail including the popular novice trail Squidline.

This is one of the few trail networks which can shuttled, but PLEASE respect the road and riders enjoying a climb on their own power up the hill. Be aware there are motorized trails also in this riding area.

Trail Reports by TrailForks. Click trail to view details or submit a report. Builders, please track your work on the trails here too!

Check the current temperature and wind conditions on Taggart Peak, Sumas Mountain.

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Check out the new reroute on World Cup! Gary and Kerry did an outstanding job getting the water off this trail and avoiding the goopy mud it was notorious for. Way to go Gary and Kerry!


79 comments on “Sumas
  1. surreyskid says:

    Sumas Mtn. was a little wet and slippery today. Big motorcross size grooves in a few of the lines at the bottom of washing machine.

    loved it though…

  2. Gary Harder says:

    Well rode Holiday Sauce today to extra sauce to the peel.
    Holidaysauce as of april 18 pass on it, just tooo much snow really.
    mid april and snow ,crazy.
    HolidaySauce was a lot better to the EmmaPeel which was awesome.
    I can’t wait till later in the year when we do a buff up ,these xc trails are going to be so fast and flowy. We never even made it to the Knob ,snow, lightning, hail , thunder we had it all. Downtown Abby today sweet sun ,Sumas later ,look above.
    Seen shuttlers on TK ,which I imagine was a lot better,or not?
    All in all didn’t have to work and got to ride,lately been putting tons of work in the trails,and getting a day to ride,,,,, priceless.
    get on the bike . (or the chicken get’s it! )

    • Dalton says:

      pretty sure im the one you saw shuttling as I saw you riding up. I would stay away from time killer for a little while longer. Theres about 6 inches of snow still at the top. Once you come out of the trees its just a light coating on the ground and then its gone by the time you get to devils throat. The top is kinda unrideable though. Theres also a tree down across devils throat

  3. Les says:

    Anybody have a condition update? Is there snow at knobgobbler?

  4. Ryan says:

    Anyone have any information about if and when the gate will be unlocked

    • tom says:

      There is still snow/ice from the Noah Fear entrance and up. Probably not until all the snow melts.

  5. Gary Harder says:

    Sat/sun work on Sumas trails.
    Sat. though we tried little got done, the rain was so intense and trying to move dirt and make a new exit just didn’t work out. we will have to wait.
    Sun, the PipeGod and I put in a big day, so much snow on Sumas that we didn’t make it to NoahFear entrance. NoahFear got checked out with some snipping .
    TimeKiller had lots of trees down and we cleared this mostly all out from the entrance to midclear cut. (so much snow on this section ,you wouldn’t want to even think of trying to ride,no fun till it thaws here.) From the cabin to Devilsthroat we took out lots of blowdown,again this section is not worth riding.
    Water was running and snow all over shows up Sumas higher up ,wait till better weather.

  6. Mike says:

    Rode the Peels. It’s spring thaw time, so stay away for a little longer. Horses have post holed the Peels again as well.

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